sketches exploring a theme (II)

the good (I) 


they say you're 

good and i see flat lines

instead of fluid breath


when i am good 

the good girl quiet and contained

i am not myself


but you are good 

and from that goodness

ruach moves creating out

of nothingness

pulls together torn flesh 


images my goodness can't contain 

uttering its movement

as mercy 


the good (II) 

the world is hooded

now from light 

but you are seen 

the good good good

the ill-defined defining 


what is all this 

hopeful dust shook from your garments?

down onto black 

walled estate falling in whisper 


the world is hooded 

now from light 

but your close absence

shudders ripples

through this night

sketches exploring a theme


a return home (I) 

i was famished by 

the time i reached the outskirts of 

your gates 

this homecoming took time but 

it seems in joy 

your embrace held

no begrudging hesitation.


a return home (II) 

so i returned

to the first breath

first love

bright burning born



i would live it. indwell its hiddenness

take up residence in it


and though older now, aged, scarred [scared?]

i live as

one just born