creating - between belief and desire

It started with another person’s quilt. With restlessness. Desire. A need to create.

I saw another person’s quilt. Liked it and thought, nice challenge. Tired of just writing, thoughts. Wanted to produce something. You know, something physical.

Make physical stuff. Ideas taken up in fingers and bones.

Anscombe says that ‘belief aims to fit the world, while desire aims for the world to fit it’. Which I still don’t really understand, but somehow think is connected to this quilt. Paradoxical tension of belief and desire.

So I started on a hunt for scraps of fresh fabric. Started to sew myself out. To create new with bits of cloth, heavy cotton, opaque linen.

Then ran out. Of money and cloth. Of the new me formed by desire. Had to lean back, uncover the bones of belief. The old scrap cloth worn good to sew into the new because there wasn’t enough structure otherwise.

New richness. Old stained glory. Desire and belief.

The quilt is huge. So heavy if I wash it, which I did once, I can’t lift it by myself. But it is also a warm, quirky shape. Original. A reminder of the process of mending, creating. The time it takes to piece things together. New and old. Of movement and waiting. 

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