meditation - open breath

Meditation. Practicing the presence of body. Experiencing spirit and breath trembling through thin space.

The opening of space in the tightness of time.

Being released. Bringing release. 

Breathe in slow, breathe out. Allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings. The little details. Weight of the body. Fluttering eyelid. 

Hands of surrender, vulnerability. Open in trust. Restoring a simple connection.

This is one I like to use because, like breath, it connects me to my experience of Being, outside and within me (at the moment, inconveniently at 3 a.m...) 

A Pathway into Stillness (A. Ashwin)

I recommit myself to this present moment with God

I allow my body to become still, Releasing all the tension.

I listen to the sounds around me, 

And become aware of the stillness that encompasses everything

In the silence I open my heart to God.